Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Little Ones Are Arriving

The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before January 31, 2006.

The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before September 27, 2005.

Congratulations to all the new families. We'd like to see an update for those in the Review Room. They have been waiting a looong time and would like to get out of there!


rubyiscoming said...

Grin - aren't these babies in this referral batch ABSOLUTELY beautiful!?? I grinned and grinned.

Thx for your nice message about those of us trapped in the review room - I think this might be a record - we are going into our 3rd month in the review room? oy :)

Melissa said...

And is this a good update for you two?

Don and Be said...

Am I even in the review room yet? I think so - I HOPE so. The updates are few and far between and I'm running out of things to do in the meantime. Maybe I should hire a Distraction Therapist. I'll bet someone has felt the calling.

Glad that they're inching closer & closer to your LID.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR Aly & Ford!