Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gifts - Special Christmas Time

We are still packing up Christmas decorations and looking over the great gifts we received.

The "Giving Plate" was given to us by DIL Kelly. She thanked us for helping her family this past year and said the plate reminded her of us. So nice! It has been a tough year as she lost her mother five months ago and then I lost my Dad last month. We are still alittle weepy at times - I cry at happy and sad occasions - I blame it on my age.
The pie plate on the right was a personalized gift from my Mom. She knows I love making pies (I got my talent from her) and the blue/white colors are my favorite for dishware.
The two yellow depression wine glasses are a gift from our dear friends/family the Hollaway's who also share our love of wine and fine wine glasses.

These were just a few of the many special gifts we received. We will probably be "blogging" about some of the others: gift certificate to a book store and one of our favorite restaurants, Biscotti's, tickets to the Daytona 500 (yaaaa-hooo!!!!), a PictureMate personal photo lab, books for Lizzy, cookbooks, L.L. Bean shirts, slippers, gloves; 2006 mint coin set, candles, movies, magazines (Budget Traveler, National Geographic and DownEast), Mainegoodies, cold cash! and cookies - just can't name them all. Are we a giving family or what!?!


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