Monday, January 29, 2007

Final Citrus Pickin'

We had to remove the late citrus from our trees Saturday. New buds are beginning to form and last year we left the fruit on too long which may have stunted this years crop.

We didn't pick all the grapefruit so we will have to by this weekend. Our lemons were half the size they were last year (the lemons are on the top left, the grapefruits are on the bottom left) and our navel orange trees produced a small crop compared to years past. We didn't pick our limes on the river side of the house though you wouldn't know they were limes. We've left them on the tree too long already and they've turned yellow. You would think they were lemons :)
We still haven't planted a Key Lime tree to replace the one we lost in Hurricane Francis (2004). We will. I'm sure we will. We're also going to plant a new grapefruit tree. Really, we will. How does the time fly by so fast?

Still, as you can see, we have the last of our lemons, grapefruits, oranges and tangelos to help pump some vitamin C into our bodies to help ward off any winter colds. Then again, we may just squeeze the juice and make a few enjoyable "beverages". You just never know.

Life is good. Enjoy. Peace. You wouldn't need any fresh citrus would you???

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Joannah said...

Nice fruit!

Michelle said...

We could use them here in CA. Most of our fruit died during the last cold snap!

Melissa said...

Yummy Yummy!!!