Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Celebrating The Big 2-0

Cathy and Werner's daughter Christa celebrated turning 20 last night. Happy Birthday Christa shown here blowing out the candles with the able assistance of her niece (our first grand baby) Kilee! We also made the grand baby exchange. With Leaa and Jesse still in NYC it will be Cathy and Werner once more taking care of Miss Alivia for tonight ( that's Cathy holding sweet Kilee) followed tomorrow by Jesse's mom and dad, Marsha & Carl. Sweet baby blue eyes has no shortage of grandparents more than willing to "rock the cradle"...

And of course, just a few more photos just so Leaa & Jesse will rest easy knowing baby girl is doing fine... Alyson gave Miss Liv a bath prior to Christa's birthday and then it was into the car seat and off we go.

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