Saturday, November 25, 2006

OHGWQ - Arranging the Quilt Blocks

With MIL here this weekend (and she is an accomplished quilter), I began the arranging of the quilt blocks. You can see that the pool table "top" used for the dining table on Thanksgiving Day has become a useful working table!!
I really thought we would take off the pool top in order to play pool yesterday, but have decided to keep it on for Christmas tasks.
Working with MIL, I have many tasks to do just to get the fabric squares ready for the quilt.

The top picture shows the center of the quilt with an embroidered sign language that means "I love you". This square is from DH's sister who is a professional sign language interpreter and teacher. The lower two pictures are close ups of the bottom portion of the quilt (see other post for a couple more pictures looking from the top of the quilt down toward the center).

Most are 8 inch squares with about a dozen that are 7 inches. I will use all the 8" squares cut down to 7 1/2" for the quilt, then I will use the smaller squares to be pillows or pillow shams. We also decided on a plain, solid light green (with yellow undertones) for the border and "prairie points". My MIL makes lots of quilts and offered to assemble, quilt and add the prairie points (see separate post for pictures). What a gift!! Can't wait to see the final arrangement of squares.
If you are one of the family members who has not yet sent in a square and wishes card, please send as we will make two pillows (or shams) which will have all the remaining squares, so a few more would be great.

Thank you to all who sent me squares.
I do have some extra fabric and wishes, so would love to contribute to someone else's quilt. Just send an email.

Love to you all. Lizzy's quilt now seems like a reality.

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Al's Mom and Dad said...

Looks great. Is everyone trying to find out where their square is? I do have the wish card coming soon to you. How fortunate you are to have Joy there to help.