Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Family Pictures

Picture of Kilee helping Nana "walk the dock".

New Grand-Nephew in Maine; he's one month old in this picture and ready for Halloween!

Grand-Daughter #2 is so cute and on the move; she loves playing with her feet and tries to join in most conversations now. She's 6 months old - amazing how fast time flies.

We have had lots of family pictures from the past month. We have pictures of new grand-nephew, BJP; pictures of visits with Grand-daughters # 1 and #2; plus more quilt squares from family and friends for Lizzy's OHGWQ.

With Adoption news very quiet,everyone is expecting referrals this week for those LID in August 2005, we just don't have any exciting news.

Plans for a BIG Thanksgiving dinner is in the works with hopes of up to 30 family and friends to come to our home this year. WOW! Turkeys and more turkeys, roasting and smoking! Yummy.


Melissa said...

Wish I was there to walk & have conversation w/your granddaughters!
Love from Maine

Connie said...

Beautiful kiddos!

rubyiscoming said...

Awww, beautiful photos!