Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday's Can Be Cool

Every now and then things just seem to set you at peace. Those times seem to be more and more precious and harder and harder to come by. Today was one of those days...

Nothing spectacular happened today, still, today was a good day. A day when skies were blue, the winds blew gently and the river provided a playground for families to smile ear from ear as they watched their kids ski or slowly made their way from one cove to another on a river that didn't bear it's teeth with choppy waves. Below are some photos that can't capture the beauty of it all but then you'll just have to believe me.

For those offended by my not being religiously/politically PC - sorry, it would only indicate you really don't know me. God smiled on NE Florida today. Thank you Lord. Love those smiles.

As you may have gathered, the weather was great. Low humidity. A bright, full sunny day but more than bearable on the heat side. We did the church thing early at the 9:30 service. Saw and exchanged good times with good friends. (We had a couple of folks over Friday night for a small "Tapas" like get together). All in all. A nice weekend. Great wine. Good friends. Too good.

Saturday we made our way over to St. Augustine. I've been needing a new book to read and I picked up a Ann Quindlen novel, Blessings. Aly laughs and says sometimes she wonders about my testosterone level. What can I say. I love to cook because I find it relaxing and I love to read. I don't know. I hold down a "manly" job but I don't always fit the mold. Whatever the mold is suppose to be. I'll deal with it. Oh, and I guess the part about me retiring so I stay home with Alyzabeth An pretty much seals the deal that something must be "different" with me. So be it. I hope so. I look forward to it.

Have you all checked out Johnny's blog and his latest post tagging fun ? I love Johnny's blog. Gee, to be able to write like that. I'm green with envy. I have things I would love to write about but maybe another time, another day, another blog. Someday...

That's it. Rambled enough. Probably shouldn't post this. What the heck. You all take care. And if you can:

Help someone this week. Give an ear to someone who needs someone to simply listen to them this week. Reach out a hand to someone who could use a help up not just a hand out. Give someone a smile who has had a full day of frowns. And when you have the time. Give yourself the benefit of doubt that Life Is Good and you helped to make it just a little bit better for someone else. I know. Sounds gooney. So be it.

Peace, fm


Don and Be said...

Nothing wrong with a cool Sunday, Ford.
By the way, I've read my share of Patricia Cornwell and I came out OK.


Ford & Alyson said...

You are a life saver. I truly appreciate the comment.

You know, we have a lot in common. Don't know what that says about the four of us but,,,, we are planning a trip to the Orlando area after we return from Maine. You guys up for a lunch date? You pick the spot. We would enjoy meeting you all.

Later, fm

Joannah said...

I love that you had a great Sunday, and that you shared your day with your blogger friends by posting those pictures. You have such a wonderful outllook on life and your new baby girl will be so blessed by the wisdom you share with her.

Have a wonderful week. :-)

Don and Be said...

Absolutely! Have a great trip & we'll make it happen when you return. Traveling mercies to you & Aly...........