Friday, September 29, 2006

Playing Catch Up

The meltdown of our blog has sloooowed things down around here big time. We enjoy trying to post something new every day or so but that has not been the case for a while now. I'm sure part of the posting slowdown has had to do with the extended "Wait" and the toll that has taken on everyone, not just us. Still, folks can whine only so much and it doesn't change the reality, it only gets on people's nerves. So, no whine, just a little catch up on what's been happening...

I had a little family business to take care of recently in Missouri. It was a fairly quick trip up and back but I got to pack a lot into a very short time. I was able to have a family dinner at Dad & Joy's attended by my brothers Ben and Bill and my sister Tiffany and her husband Mike and their son Walker. This is where Alyson reminds me that I DIDN'T take any pictures.

I did have a dinner out with Ben and Bill at a great little place in Kelso that Bill and his wife Joan stumbled onto. Visiting with the brothers is always nice. Always entertaining. Never frequent enough. Nor long enough. And when we can agree to leave politics off the table, we seem to relish being in each others company.

Brother Ben

Brother Bill

On Sunday I attended church with Tiffany and Mike at La Croix United Methodist in Cape Girardeau. What a fun time. The pastor was just returning from a 3 month sabbatical and the service was 4 fantastic actors presenting the complete bible in 1 hour. The performance was entitled "Long Story Short". It was hilarious with the added bonus of teaching the bible in a way young and old could understand and ENJOY! After church they treated me to a great Sunday brunch at the Cape Girardeau Country Club. Too good! Ate too much!

Oh yes, this is also where Alyson reminds me again that I DIDN'T take any pictures.

After church I joined some of the family in Jackson to catch a baseball game with my 10 year old nephew Lane playing in an All-Star League. Lane is the son of my niece Kaci and her husband Luke. Lane has 3 strikes going against him: 1. He's a handsome devil. 2. He is a straight A student and 3. He is athletically gifted. Poor kid...


I also got to spend more time with Lane's younger brother Jack who is no less good looking, sharp and loves sports. Can you tell he's a Cardinal fan?


Bill, my niece Kaci (Lane & Jack's mom), Joy and Dad catching some shade during Lane's baseball game.

On the way back to Florida I stopped in Atlanta and spent the night with our good friends BeLinda and Lee. After feasting on some fabulous ribs they treated me to a trip to Turner Field to catch a Braves/cub game. I love baseball and other than a minor league game this summer, this was my first time attending a professional game this year. Fun. Way fun...

Lee, & BeLinda

Finally it was home and birthday parties for DS Justin and then last night it was DD Leaa's turn for a little birthday celebrating at The Tasting Room, a wonderful wine & tapas in St. Augustine. Mixed in between the birthdays was one small dinner party we hosted for two couples we team with doing Crown Financial Ministries.

Kelly & Justin


Alyson & GD Liv

Justin is holding his sister Leaa's daughter Liv while Leaa is holding her brother Justin's daughter Kilee. These two cousins are bound to be some kind of fun as they grow up together! Oh gee...

Leaa with her sister Nicole and (Leaa's) husband Jesse

Justin with his dad - that would be me :)

And that's about it. I know, boring. What can I say. We're still enjoying the boat every chance we get. And eventually, I'll get the old blog rebuilt on this new site. Eventually. All in due time. All in due time...

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rubyiscoming said...

Good post, Ford :)
I love family gatherings - good times. I'm still feeling a little low - I don't know why wait is affecting me this month, but I'm sure my rose-colored glasses will be back on in no time!