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I have been tagged! The list of 7’s.
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Thanks to Mindy - I have been tagged and DH will not help with this or participate. I guess the fun of writing many lists is not for him.Check out Mindy’s blog.
Here’s my attempt of the list of 7’s. With more time to think, I probably would hope to come up with more profound thoughts; you will have to settle for my first thoughts for now..…..
7 things I’d like to do before I die:

Be at Lizzy’s wedding and Kilee’s and Alivia’s…..
Shovel the clutter out of my house. The kids will no doubt wonder why we have all this stuff.
After reducing the clutter, organize the possessions we want to pass onto Justin, Leaa and Lizzy. Develop a landscape plan and actually do it.
Save more money and give more generously.
Exercise and “get healthy” so that what is in my control, is done, so that I can accomplish being alive to do #1.
Own property near family in Maine and visit more often.

7 things I cannot do (or cannot do well)
Cannot sing in tune, on key or any way that would be pleasing to your ears.
Cannot donate blood, unless you want to see someone pass out in 30 seconds.
Because of #2, I will not work in any of the medical professions.
Cannot get pregnant.
Cannot sleep in late in the mornings.
Cannot sleep without under wear on.
Cannot decorate or make any sense out of interior decorating, moving furniture or selecting wall colors, or …. You get the idea.

7 things I can do:
Work and earn a good living.
Bake homemade “goods”.
Read my favorite books over and over.
Spend two weeks in Europe with only a medium size backpack (did it twice!). DH believes in packing “light”.
Play cribbage.
Water ski and snow ski.
Watch college and pro football; and I can spout facts about NASCAR drivers, races and Owners with the best of them (even though by modern afictianos, I am a “newcomer” fan since I began watching NASCAR races routinely in 1995).

7 things that attracted me to husband:
College educated (a bit snobby on my part, one of my dating criteria back then).
Doesn’t smoke, do drugs, no debts.
Caring and compassionate towards family (he called and visited with his parents regularly, kept in touch with sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.).
Great smile, charming and good public speaker.
Work ethic.
He always says how pretty I am (wow!).

7 things I say often:
Yes-Sa (my version of “Yes, Sir).
Salty, go lay on your bed. Stay!
Breve latte, half decaf, please.
Have you checked the blog today? Anything new?
Coffee ready?
Hey. It’s me. Guess who?
This is what I should say more often: I love you F.

7 books I love:
The Bible
Pride & Prejudice (anything by Jane Austen)
Southern Living Annual Recipe cookbook.
Betty Crocker Cookbook (1950’s edition)
Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough
Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen McCullough
Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton

7 movies I love:
Wizard of Oz
Monsters, Inc.
Sixth Sense
The Sting
Bridges of Madison County
Murphy’s’ Romance
Sound of Music

I won’t tag anyone; you know that this is not an exercise just to list things for a blog, it makes one take time to think about goals and how we spend our time. Try it!

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