Friday, January 20, 2006

Thank You

A lot of Paperchase effort went into reaching our DTC milestone. Now of course, we anxiously await an email informing us of our LID, a wait that could be weeks in the coming. However, tonight’s post is not about DTC’s or LID’s or the crème de crème, best known as The Referral.

Tonight’s is a Thank You post.

Thank you J&S
Thank you J&C
Thank you W&C

Each couple above played a key role in our adoption process. They were our references. Each took the time to fill out the forms, write the personal essays and make certain all was signed, sealed and delivered to our agency. Our cost for having friends do this for us? Nothing. Our reward for having friends do this for us? A soon-to-be daughter named Alyzabeth An.

How each couple came to be in our lives carries its own special story as does the place each occupies in our hearts. Each couple is uniquely diverse and unwaveringly supportive of the future we envision. Truer friends would be hard to find.

Writing about each of our reference couples would fill pages. We will not even try.

J&S: Thank you for being friends without pretensions or motive. Friends who are the same today as yesterday and who remain so come tomorrow. Thank you for genuine smiles and warm hearts that always extend a friendly handshake and a caring hug.
Thank you for believing in us as parents.

J&C: Thank you for being friends that while distance keeps us apart; our friendship continues to keep us close. Friends who remain true to others and themselves; be it White Tie only or peeling shrimp along side a bucket of iced down longnecks.
Thank you for believing in us as parents.

W&C: Thank you for sharing the belief that loving our kids is more important than anything else we do. Together we share much as the parents of Justin and Leaa and Aly & I are always embraced as family to N & C. We are acutely aware that ours is a friendship easily questioned with few understanding the depths of caring we have for one another and why that is. Ours is a bond forged by a mutual love for our children.
Thank you for believing in us as parents.

Aly and I have been tapped in the past to be references on resumes. We always took a certain amount of pleasure in knowing the requester thought enough of us to trust having someone ask us “personal” questions about them. However, we do not even fathom what thoughts and emotions our couples felt when asked to serve as references in our adoption quest for Alyzabeth An.

What we do know is how eternally grateful we are to them and how much a part of this family they will forever be.

To each of them: Thank You for believing in us as parents…

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