Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've BeenTagged! Blame Johnny...

I’ve been tagged by our “Texas is #1 but I don’t have my shirt to prove it” Johnny.

Johnny, all I can say is if you felt old doing this; after reading mine you’re going to feel darn right youthful!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was an Operations supervisor pulling 12 hour shifts rotating from days to nights weekly, the same as I had been doing for the 10 years before that. Just with different companies.

I work in an industy that has potential to foul your water and air. My job was to reduce the probability of that happening and to correct it should it occur. Striving to be your environmentally conscious company, we embraced our stewardship role by trying to leave you with air you could breathe and water you might even drink and we called it “Building Community”.

It was also ten years ago that I was with my mom in Chicago when she died.
And Aly and I were still “waiting” to get pregnant.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I was no longer working shift work though still with the same company having been assigned to straight days working special projects for mahagony row (it is amazing what you will do to safeguard that rarest of rare birds, a defined benefit pension plan). Actually, life is good right now. Both at work and at home.

And Aly and I were waiting to get pregnant

Five snacks I enjoy

  1. Salted in the shell roasted peanuts

  2. Ice Cream (I haven’t found a flavor I wouldn’t eat and consequently Aly doesn’t keep any in the house)!

  3. Buttered popcorn

  4. Bull’s Hit potato chips (grown & produced locally)

  5. Alyson’s strawberry shortcake – simply the best…
Five songs to which I know all the lyrics
  1. Tangled Up In Blue – Dylan

  2. Sympathy For The Devil – Stones (And NO, I'm not a devil worshiper)

  3. New York Minute – Henley

  4. Let It Be – Beatles

  5. War Pigs – Black Sabbath
Five things I would do if I were a millionaire

  • Not tell anyone

  • Establish anonymous modest educational scholarships

  • Pay off any debts

  • Purchase property in Maine

  • Invest what remains in Index Funds

  • Update: My wife pointed out that there was no mention of giving anything to the Church. I told her it was a given we would give to the Church. She wasn't buying it. So, before we would do any of the above, WE would give 10% to the Church. This may or may not get me off the hook...
Five bad habits
  1. Quick to temper but not so you would know it

  2. Ability to procrastinate with the best of them

  3. Not letting go of the bad times & bad people

  4. Not exercising

  5. Developed a NASCAR driving mentality in morning and evening rush hour traffic
Five things I like doing
  1. Fishing

  2. Concerts

  3. Cooking

  4. Traveling

  5. Live theater
Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again
  1. Hair piece

  2. Socks with shorts

  3. Used Vette

  4. Cigarettes

  5. Thong underwear
Five favorite toys
  1. Laptop

  2. Boat (Before hurricane Francis sunk it)

  3. Digital camera

  4. Pool table

  5. TIE: A properly inflated basketball / Fishing pole
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