Saturday, January 07, 2006

From Guest Room to Alyzabeth An's Room

Currently, this is the third guest bedroom. (Thinking about it, I should have gotten permission for these pictures from significant other, ignore the clutter, however, it’s usually worse!) Over the course of the year we will transform this room into Alyzabeth An’s room. Think we have a few changes to make?

Rumors are flying again with regard to how long the wait from LID to Referral is taking. Everyone had pretty much settled in with the timeframe extending from 6-7 months to 8-9 months. Now, some are reporting 12-13 months. I’ve checked our agency site (CCAI) and the latest referrals are still running @ 8 months. When they contact us with our DTC date I will ask them about the “wait” and let you know what they have to say.

We went to our first meeting of the First Coast Families with Chinese Children Thursday night. We saw some familiar blogger faces. Hi Kim, wish we’d had a chance to get acquainted (Long meeting without a break, ugh). Next time for sure. I thought about bringing a camera and taking some pictures. Something to ask about at the next meeting. I think you all would enjoy seeing the faces of the little ones that were there, we sure did.

Go Jaguars!

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