Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Purchase for Lizzy!!

Our neighbors were holding a garage sale this morning so we wandered over. Actually, I wasn't going to but the ever social Ford definitely wanted to check out the neighbors and see if there were any deals to be had. I leashed up Salty Dog and acted uninterested and watched Salty do his mandatory sniffing in every yard, checking the mailboxes and tires everywhere (you know what I mean by a dog checking out these things - right?).

So, I did look over the goods on sale while Ford tried to keep SD from checking out the people too. I found this little folding lawn chair that the family had used to display larger dolls & stuffed animals on. To heck with that, this is going to be Lizzy's first chair for us to use in the yard or out on the dock. It will be just her size. Even though I don't mind the green paint color, we will probably re-paint it white to match the rest of the lawn chairs (homemade Adirondack chairs... ummmm that's another project we need to make more of). I am actually really excited as this is a first purchase. I keep telling myself not to buy anything until we know "who" our little Lizzy will be - what age, weight and height. Many more months of waiting.

Soon I am going to persuade a very nice lady, RS, to help me do some garage sale shopping when the time comes closer to our China trip. She is known for her bargains she gets at sales so I look forward to trying my hand at it to! I figure Lizzy won't understand or read the labels on her clothes for a few years... So garage sale finds will be her play clothes until she starts spouting "Gap for Kids", "Old Navy" - gosh, I am so out of touch with children's clothes I don't even know any trendy name brand clothes for kids....
I am sure someone out there can help me! What are the cute clothes brands so that I will at least recognize a garage sale bargain when I see one?

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