Saturday, December 17, 2005

Us? Anxious? No Way, We're Cool...

Happy Dance. We got the Happy Dance going…

Ok, so the post office closes at noon and even though our mail is delivered later than that we were virtual slaves to staying home so we could sign for our Express Mail package. Provided we even had an Express Mail package being delivered today. So we did the only thing you could do.

We called our post office.

Oh yeah, we were loaded to the gills with patience today. Add to the fact we don’t have a front door bell only helped to made it look like a turkey shoot around here. First Aly and then my head could be seen bobbing up and down looking out the window to see if the mail carrier had pulled up to the house. So I called.

First the lady says, “It hadn’t arrived at their facility and must still be enroute”. Ok, but my search shows it had arrived in JAX and had left that facility – so, “was it enroute to their facility”? She put me on hold. Back again; hang on again, “We’re going to call your carrier because she did leave here with an Express package this morning”. Things were looking up. I went back to being on hold. Back again. “The carrier will be at your house in 5 minutes”. “How about the Express - Is it ours”? “You’ll know in about 5 minutes. Is there anything else we can do for you”? “Nope. Thanks”….

I do a quick change out of my morning pj’s and Aly shouts out – She’s here!

Out the front door I bolted and I can see our package before she gets out of her van. “Looking for this?” she asks. “ We sure are” I responded. She then proceeds to tell me she would have been here sooner but she was too busy being chewed out on the phone for not having delivered an “Express” package. That would be ours… “Yeah, I said, we did just call. Excited and all you know”… "Not a problem” she says and then tells me this is her last month being our carrier. That was a downer because she has been too good at dropping mail off at our front door and not cramming everything into our mailbox. I’m also wondering if what she is really saying is "I’m tired of people like you bugging my bosses and getting my butt called on the carpet". I think it was at this point that I really tried to be mature and maintain eye contact and not look real sheepish.

Anyway, in an effort to create that community family feeling I opened the package in front of her and showed her our last document in the paperchase and how it was written in Chinese and everything. She wished us well and said she was getting out of the postal business and going back to college. Something about no benefits, no retirement, no…

I wished her well and we said our goodbyes and I casually turned and made a mad dash to our front door to show Aly.

We’re cool. That’s us. Laid back and in control. Smooth…. Is it too early to open a bottle of wine? Forget the wine let’s celebrate. It’s mimosa time! Forget the orange juice - Pop the cork!

Hello Denver, we’re soon to be heading your WAY!!!

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