Saturday, December 31, 2005

NASCAR Family.....

NASCAR. I am a recent fan as far as most “modern day racing” fans are concerned. I joined the NASCAR fever in 1993 when my Dad told me about Ricky Craven. From MAINE. Yes, my home State. I love MAINE (my husband sometimes accuses me of putting Maine ahead of him). I plead the fifth!!! is one place I lurk a lot. I love watching NASCAR races (Cup, Busch, Craftsman Truck). I recently had a message from a Ricky Craven fan, TK, who noticed I had a tag line about adopting. He was very supportive and offered to share information about adopting. Great to know so many nice people on the web. I may never meet them, but have common thoughts, bonding, shared experiences with many of you. Whether adopting, watching sports (yes, I love football too), buying on eBay, shopping and more web shopping… we all can still be close by our experiences whether in person or on the web. Thank you for the shared moments.

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