Friday, December 16, 2005

The Name Game

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Ok, its not like I expected to find the really great news telling us our Houston document was on its way back but there is a certain bummed out, blah, grind your teeth, feeling down, cut us a break, maybe tomorrow, I got the blues kind of feeling.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You’re only a day a way…
You will have to provide your own music. I did the hard part and sang it for you.

On a domestic note: Leaa called and left a voice message saying she had read the blog and thought it was cute. I take that to mean she doesn’t have a problem with letting the cat out of the bag. They are having a GIRL! This will be granddaughter #2 in the family. Her brother Justin claims first granddaughter honors with Kilee Shae.

Speaking of names.

L & J are starting to get serious about names now. As of last night a strong candidate in the “name that baby” game of life is Alivia Kate. No, that is not a misspelling. It’s Alivia not Olivia. Alyson and I like it. Then again remember, how many people have you ran into with the name Leaa? What the heck, for that matter, how many people have you met with the name Ford. All this to say, when it comes to names, this line of the family seems to have a penchant for names with their own bit of a twist.

Seriously, all of you family members – You know who you are, don’t try to hide. Do this for me right now. Take a peek at the names of your kids and our cousins. Anything stand out? Check the spelling? Heck, check the names. Go ahead, take a look-see. Folks, for a staid, small town, middle of the road, southern/midwestern upbringing, we have some names. I like that about us as a family. We can accept that bit of difference in each other. Names that is.

Got to go. I need to freshen up for an early dental appointment. Gosh how I look forward to mornings like this. There is just something about the sights, sounds and smells of a dental office to kick off your day. I mean, I can barely wipe the smile off my face just knowing I’m getting ready to open wide and gag/gargle/spit while Curt the dentist has a one-way conversation with me. Sorry. Let me run, I don’t want to miss a minute of this…

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