Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's On To Houston - BUT...

I stoled from a couple’s blogsite that live in our area. (If they are reading this I can only hope they don’t mind).

It would appear that we each are very close together on our paperchase timelines and each have documents that need to be authenticated in Houston. This couple had received what was not the greatest news to hear but certainly very timely and valuable information to have and shared it on their blogsite. We will be adding their blog to our blog roll very soon.

Even with this bit of yucky news, I zipped down to the post office this morning and did our latest go around of Express Mailers. Our I-171H document will hit Houston Monday and we can only hope that the little snafu referenced below will have been corrected.

Ah, the highs, the lows, the pains and the gains of the ever encompassing Paperchase…

Hi All!

Have some news today, well, we got it the other day...We received an email message from one of our FCC yahoo groups regarding the Secretary of State. This is what the email said:

"On November 21, Glenda Hood resigned as the Florida Sec of State. Governor Bush appointed Deputy Sec David Mann as her temporary replacement. As a result of this appointment, all documents receiving state certifications after November 21 now bear the signature of David Mann. The Houston Chinese Consulate has not recd the credentials package for the newly appointed Sec of State and as aresult, is refusing to process/authenticate any documents bearing his signature.This is causing a huge back log of documents at the Consulate for Florida families.

I contacted the Florida Sec of State today and spoke with a Supervisor in the Certifications Unit to inquire about the situation and they were of no help whatsoever and have no idea whether David Mann will continue to remain in office or if a new appointment will be made by Governor Bush. I have also contacted the Governor's office requesting immediate action to this situation and bringing to their attention that hundreds of families are being affected by this lapse in communication between the Florida Sec of State and the Houston Chinese Consulate.

I have not recd a response from the Governor's office as of this posting. You need to be aware that if you are currently in possession of documents bearing the signature of David Mann, the Houston Consulate will not process your documents until this situation is resolved."

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