Thursday, December 22, 2005

Growth Chart

I have to buy ink today for both printers. One printer gave up the colored ink ghost after printing our Christmas newsletter (yes, we send a newsletter in our Christmas cards and yes I’m sure it brings groans from some and smiles from others but it keeps the peace in my immediate family if you know what I mean). The other printer gave up the black ink ghost after spitting out the double set of dossier copies. I might as well replace the color cartridge while I’m at it, there can’t be much left.

You know the website featuring all the adoption blogs over at China Adoption Stories? It’s a great site and we are listed at the bottom as one of the paperchase families. I’ve wondered over these past few months how great it would feel to be able to move up to the DTC group! And you can always tell the ones who have received their referral because the little one’s China province is listed. How great that must feel. Then you look up at all those families who have gone before you knowing that each one of them has their own story to tell. Aly and I like looking through the older stories to hopefully catch glimpses of the little one’s in a recent photo showing how they have grown.

I like the website. It’s like a growth chart for families who have weaved their way through the adoption maze. Application, Paperchase, DTC, LID, TA, Gotcha Day, Home.

I like the sound of Home. One step at a time, one step at a time… we’ll move up the growth chart.

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