Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Florida Got Its Act Together - Finally!

Logged in to our First Coast Families with Chinese Children yahoo group this morning and found this great message from one of the members.

Good Morning!

Good News!!!!!!!! As of this morning, the Houston Consulate is once again processing Florida documents. They hope to have all documents that have been waiting at the Consulate to be authenticated processed by the end of the week.

Pam E.
ABC International Dossier Services, Inc.

This is great news. Our best hope would be to have our document back no later than the end of next week. If we had sprung the bucks for a service like Pam’s above we could have had it back tomorrow. Live and learn or should that read live & spend.

We’ll be putting our dossier together this weekend to get it ready to ship out to our agency just as soon as we get the Houston document back. I’m afraid it’s asking too much to think we can make a December DTC but miracles do happen…

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