Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ever Changing Blog Roll

We’ve updated the blog roll of sites we frequent. As you have figured out by now we do this on a fairly regular basis. You may want to bookmark some of your favorites, as we can’t guarantee they will be there the next time you log back onto our site.

I did drop one blog recently for a purely personal reason. I guess I am more thin skinned than I thought because it bothered me more than it probably should have. A recent post on this particular blog took a pretty ugly shot at some people and towns in an area of the country I call home.

It seems the author of the post will be accompanying her husband to a company Christmas party made up primarily of non-salaried “plant” people in what she considers a remote, backward part of the country. To say the least, she wasn’t too keen on having to fly out and rub shoulders with them.

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