Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just a little bit closer

Two more pieces of good news today! The 11 documents we had sent to be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Houston arrived back today. In addition to that bit of good news, I found a lady at work that can notarize our I-171H form so we can begin the last go around of certification and authentication.

I am hoping to Express Mail the I-171H form tomorrow once it is notarized. Provided all goes well we could have everything to our agency by mid December, which means our DTC & LID dates will more likely than not be in January.

Doing a little guesswork projecting:
A 9-month wait for referral will put us into September (add or subtract a month). Following the referral, the travel authorization should take an additional 6-8 weeks; which lines us up for a November 2006 trip to China for Alyzabeth An.

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