Monday, November 28, 2005

It is Monday - And we are Lost!

We received our I-171H form last Wednesday and by taking time to enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays we have not started the next step. The I-171H form needs to be notarized, certified then authenticated in Houston. This is the very last piece of the paper chase for us and we did nothing today! Our regular notary is out of town visiting family and so here we sit. Do you think we planned this, knowing she would be out of town and find a "substitute"? No! It just dawned on us to get our fannies in gear. So tomorrow we will find another notary. Also, I need to send a question to our agency - CCAI. We received four "original" I-171 forms and we are supposed to take the original with us to China and have a copy of the original notarized. So does it make a difference having a copy when we have four originals? Does anyone know the answer? All I can say is at least it is almost over!!

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