Monday, November 07, 2005

Express Mail Time Once Again

Quick update on today’s paperchase activities – the roll continues…

We made it over to the USCIS office this afternoon in hopes of doing the fingerprint thing so as to start the clock running on the I-171H form. I practically dragged Aly out of her office, which did not sit well with her. She kept saying we had plenty of time to get there, that she had tons of work to do, etc. All of it true. Still, the lady is unbelievably loyal to her employer. If you could hire one person to work for you that would give you everything and more – you would be so fortunate to hire Alyson…

So off we dashed through beautiful downtown Jacksonville traffic with fingerprint paperwork in hand, along with appropriate forms of identification of course. Long story short: We were the last ones allowed in the building and the absolute last ones to be called to the back to do the finger thing, which will surely uncover our past heinous lives, of this I am certain.

Then it was off to meet up with S at our church to notarize 10 documents. Tomorrow we will “express mail” the newly notarized documents to Tallahassee to be certified (at $10 a document & returned express mail at our expense) and then repeat the above by mailing the now certified documents to the Chinese consulate in Houston to be authenticated and then mail the now authenticated documents on to CCAI in Denver.

Then we wait patiently for the I-171H to come back from the Department of Justice (hoping for a 3 week turnaround), repeat the process above and wait for CCAI to tell us every I is dotted and every T is crossed and we are DTC.

This is where I really want to stay positive. This is where I do not want to think about any of these documents getting lost in the mail. This is where we assume the fetal position, cross our fingers, hold our breaths and pray – a lot.

Remember Steven Wright? Remember that line he had about leaning back in your chair and the feeling you got just as you were about to fall over backwards? Remember him saying he felt that way all the time?

We know that feeling…

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