Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Second Name - Classic

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I am up. I just had two root canals performed and I hate to sound like a total WUZ but a dull throbbing pain is enough to wake me up and keep me up. So it’s time to update the journal. I’ll proof-read this later with every expectation of finding sleep deprived errors…

Alyson does not want to get to China and not have a second name picked out in the most unlikely event we get handed twins. I can’t blame her. I’d hate to be scrambling for a second name under those conditions as well (the little one has to have a name for the paperwork, visa & etc.). I’m thinking - scrambling for an additional airfare home might be a bit of a concern as well. Still, the prospect of our getting two little girls is very remote even if our home study caseworker thinks it would be GREAT!

We have knocked around a few name ideas. Delaney was big on our list. It is a family name on the M side. Delaney was making a serious bid until a phone call from our daughter. Leaa D said she didn’t want to burst any balloons or sound very un-PC but somehow she didn’t quite make the Irish connection to our China sweetie. Thought maybe we might want to think about it more. We couldn’t help but laugh – she was right of course. Scratch Delaney. Leaa says we need something classic; something similar to what we did with Alyzabeth. Classic. No problem….

Alyson has gone through our family genealogy books time and again looking for our second “classic” name – still no classic as of yet. However, the name Kathryn is starting to move into the picture. I was named Ford after my Grand-Mother Kathryn whose maiden name was Ford. We may have to run this by Leaa D. Classic….

Also – I HAVE TO CALL M. Since we need a guardian’s letter as part of our dossier and the guardians have to be over age 30 – Leaa & Jesse are out because they are too young. There’s a problem many of us wish we had… At any rate, Leaa & Jesse will be our legal guardians for the little one to be. We are scheduling a meeting with our attorney to complete the paperwork but for our adoption process to move forward we plan on asking sister M and her husband M to provide paperwork saying how unbelievably excited and happy they would be to have this little girl as their own. In all honesty – they are the type of people who would be excited to be parents to just such a little girl. They are good people. My sister married well. I will call today especially since we need to talk anyway – they are coming to visit in a couple of weeks from Illinois. Too good!

Ok – it’s time to try and get back to bed and get some sleep. Part of my problem is I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday and I am not allowed aspirin for 7 days prior. I could use some aspirin. I could use a hammer over the head if things don’t get better soon. I like my dentist. We have known C for a long time. Great guy. Great dentist. I hate going to the dentist. Love seeing C. Hate going to the dentist… Good Night or should that be Good Morning?

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