Friday, September 23, 2005

The "To Do" List

I typed in a draft list of “adoption to do list”, a list of items to remember after reading the book “A Passage to the Heart”, a draft packing list for the trip to China and a very long general “to do list” for us to accomplish over the next six months. We need to get the third bedroom ready/redecorate; a home business started (bring in new funds!!) and follow a strict budget.

Money will soon be an issue and we have many dreams for this house (fix the third bathroom, paint the entire interior and exterior, remodel the old garage into a den, laundry and storage area, fix the porch “kitchen” area, new gutters, landscaping, tile the porch floors and screen in the front porch… plus many more). In addition, we will have nanny costs, prepaying college costs and anything else that comes along with providing for a new daughter.

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