Friday, August 19, 2005

The PaperChase Continues & Continues...

The post office tried to deliver Express Packages from Missouri and Maine yesterday but neither of us was home to sign for them. However, they left a signature card for me to sign giving them permission to deliver them today provided I left them the signed signature card - and guess what – I did - and they did.

Aly and I each have our certified birth certificates now. Also in the mail today was the additional birth certificate we needed on Aly. In short – yesterday and today have been very good adoption days! We stumbled out of the gate but we are getting our feet under us now. The pace is quickening. We need a DTC by December meaning we really need to get the home study going.(A sincere thank you for prayers answered – Thank you Lord)

We were trying to get together with P&K this weekend and only tonight, Friday, will it work out that we can go to dinner together at Whitey’s. We told them of the news, and P and I started crying (I have to stop this!!!). When Ford told the story of the white swan, even K shed a few tears.

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