Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Medical

August 18, 2005

Good news on the phone today. I had a message to call the Doctor’s office day before yesterday to get the results of my blood test. When I tried to call the next day (yesterday) I was unable to reach the proper nurse to get the results. When I got home I had another message on the answering machine to try again for the blood results. So today I tried again and this time I was patched through to the correct office and nurse and I got my blood results. As I expected, the cholesterol was a bit too high but diet, not medication, was suggested to bring it down.

Now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS. Aly and I stopped at the Doctor’s office and I ran in to grab the referral for the blood work. Aly waited in the car, as I didn’t expect it to take but a second. Aly said if it took longer than that she would come inside and wait for me. Long story short (ened), the receptionist had trouble finding by paperwork and then came back and asked if I had time for one of the nurses to take my blood pressure. I’ll explain later, maybe – maybe not, but anyway, I went to the back and waited, meanwhile Aly gave up waiting for me to come back to the car and came inside to wait. The nurse finally called my name and we sat down for the hold up your left arm I’m going to take your blood pressure now routine. The test showed the pills to be working well but she couldn’t sign off for the Doctor. Once the Doctor signs that line I will have my clean bill of health with the exception of the ultrasound results. No problem, I have my next appointment this Tuesday. As I got up to leave the nurse said, by the way, we got your results back from the ultrasound today and everything looks normal. I could have kissed her but I acted nonchalant and grateful for the news all the while dancing wildly inside…. You just cannot imagine what a relief it was to hear that the ultrasound came back good. That bit of news meant that I had passed my physical once I see the Doctor Tuesday morning and get a good blood pressure reading.

This is great…..

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