Friday, August 26, 2005

Home Study Time

It’s Home Study Time!!! Tomorrow at 10:30 AM will be our first introduction to Mr. P, our caseworker.

Dear Mr. P,

Per the email below from CCAI, you are the social worker assigned to us.We are AC & FM living in NE Florida.We are leaving on a long vacation beginning on September 2nd, so wanted to let you know that we are available until then if you need any information from us. I am sure you realize we are anxious to be moving forward with this process and look forward to meeting you.

Alyson & Ford

Hi Alyson and Ford,
Thanks for your note and your upcoming schedule.
I just picked up the documentation from the Florida CCAI office at the post office and was about to contact you. I look forward to helping you prepare for adding a new member to your family.
We can get this process started before you leave if you desire. The only available day that I have open before September 2 is tomorrow, Saturday, August 27. Your being gone for some length of time in September is parallel to my traveling from September 10 to September 20.
Let me know and I will call you to schedule a meeting time.

Leon P

We can meet with you anytime tomorrow. Just let us know the time and if you need directions. Thank you for the quick reply.

Alyson & Ford

How about 10:30 am. I have your driving directions.
Look forward to meeting you


Tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:30 a.m. will be fine. See you then.

Alyson & Ford

This is another huge step forward. We are both pretty excited about having our first home study before we head up to Maine for the better part of September. Alyzabeth An – we’re making progress…

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