Monday, August 15, 2005

The Alyzabeth An Quest Continues

As you can probably tell, Alyson and I are taking turns logging events into our journal. We did go to the Jaguar game (I do not like rip off pre-season games); believe me (and Alyson will concur) - it was HOT… We stayed until half time. Oh yes, and the Jaguars WON. Did I mention it was HOT!!! Now, more on our quest for Alyzabeth.

Today was a rather expensive trip to the post office. I mailed off the paperwork that Alyson worked on all weekend. I thought I might be able to slip in to the post office, purchase a couple of money orders and slide right out. Wrong… There was more work than I bargained for in filling out the paperwork to mail three documents off for certification and providing express mail packaging for their safe and swift return. One package went to Maine to have Alyson’s birth certificate certified by the Maine Sec. of State; another went to Missouri to have my birth certificate certified and the lastly we sent our marriage certificate off to Tallahassee to have it certified. All together – over a hundred dollars in money orders and express mail charges…. Still, it felt good to know we are making progress. As Alyson’s mentor would say “It’s a good thing”. I’m just glad Alyson doesn’t have to wear the ankle bracelet.

Alyson has her Doctor’s appointment Tuesday, August 23. I return to my Doctor for the follow-up from my appointment a week ago on the same day. The Doctor started me on high blood pressure medicine, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was being sent to have an ultrasound on a potential problem. The Doctor noticed some swelling and wanted to have it checked out. I lucked out and got a late afternoon appointment that same day. While I am not that worried about what they will find, it is still a source of concern if only because I do not want anything to complicate the adoption process. Hopefully I can get the Doctor to complete my physical form and sign off and one more piece of the adoption paperwork puzzle chase will be complete. I am open to prayers for healing….

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