Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Paperchasing Baby Steps

This evening we left work in time to stop by the church so S. could notarize some of our paperwork. Other than those whom we have asked to be references, Susan is the first person we have told about our plans to adopt Alyzabeth. Susan broke into a huge grin and asked if we knew that another church member, TM. was also making arrangements to adopt a baby girl from China. In fact, Terri was just in the day before to have similar papers notarized according to S. Unbelievable.

We told S about the white swan. (Like us, S believes things do not just happen) Alyson and I have decided to wait until our home study is completed and the Chinese government has agreed to accept us into their adoption process before we tell family and friends. We may sit down with our kids before that time and let them know what is happening. We both feel as though they will not have any issues with our adoption plans and at the same time it weighs on our minds. We hope they will be supportive.

Alyson is making Doctor’s appointments for our physicals. Poke, prod & swab with a little lab work thrown in for good measure and before you know it – another stepping stone in the paperwork mill will be completed.

Shall we toast to the good health of Alyzabeth’s parents.

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