Friday, July 29, 2005

$$$ And Paperchasing

I (Ford) went to the Credit Union today to get a check for $665 dollars made out to USICS. Next was a trip over to our friendly (they really were friendly) Clay County Sheriff’s Office to get background checks conducted on the two of us. I thought I might be able to complete my form while there and pick up a form and bring it home for Alyson to fill out. I explained to the lady behind the counter why I was there and I was fully expecting to get the forms, be told to go home, fill them out and return them later for processing. What a surprise I had. I was told to put down both our names on a sticky note along with our birth dates, sex and race. She asked for my driver’s license (which they still have – another story) and told me there was a $5 charge for each of them. I sat down and 10 minutes later I had what I came for all per the instructions – had to be on a sheriff’s department letterhead and notarized.


Life is good. Oh yes, I was relieved to know that Alyson’s report came back clean, as did mine.

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